The Nintendo Wii

The Wii is a home video game console released by Nintendo. As a seventh-generation console, the Wii primarily competes with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. Nintendo states that its console targets a broader demographic than that of both. As of December 31, 2008 the Wii leads the generation over the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in worldwide sales.

A distinguishing feature of the console is its wireless controller, the Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detect movement in three dimensions. Another distinctive feature of the console is WiiConnect24, which enables it to receive messages and updates over the Internet while in standby mode.

What Are Your Pets Doing When You Go To Work?

After a long night of playing Wii, we set off to work, leaving our pets at home and figuring that they will sleep all day long. Lucky animals. But what we don't realize is that they are waiting for us to leave so that they can have their own turn at playing the Wii!

Wii Blamed For Ridiculous Increase In Hospital Visits

Wii Injuries

Nintendo’s Wii game console continues to get lots of exposure, but not all of it is due to the cool new features. The above picture is a small showcase of those on the injured list from Wii-itis, reportedly due to game play injuries using the Wii remote control. Some of these injuries could possibly be resolved with the stronger replacement wrist strap, but not all of them.

Nintendo's Wii has been maiming careless gamers since the day it was launched, but an inexplicable uptick has professionals scratching their heads. According to Dr. Dev Mukerjee of Broomfield Hospital: "There has been a 100 percent increase in patients complaining of Wii-itis." Turns out, Wii-itis is their word for playing so much Wii that you injure yourself.

Astonishingly, up to ten people per week are being "hospitalized with injuries caused by playing Nintendo Wii games," which has forced medical personnel to "issue warnings of the dangers associated with the video game system." Some of the most common injuries are Wii-knee (seriously) and tendon stretching / tearing, both of which could likely be avoided if gamers would bother to stretch before breaking a sweat. Sheesh -- what do folks even learn in Physical Education these days?

Wii Fit Plus

Nintendo recently announced, Wii Fit Plus will be available starting October 4th, 2009. Retailing at US$100 for a complete set or US$20 just for the game if you already own the Wii Fit board.

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Internet Channel now FREE

With the Internet Channel, everyone in your family can browse the Internet with ease. A simple point of the Wii Remote™ controller brings email, news, and online video right to your living room. Plus-sized navigation buttons, and a handy zoom feature makes viewing websites a breeze—without even leaving your couch. The Internet Channel is available to download* from the Wii Shop Channel today, for 0 Wii Points™.

*Wireless broadband connection required to access Check Mii Out Channel.

Important Announcement
If you have previously used 500 Wii Points to download the Internet Channel, at the end of October we will be offering you the opportunity to download, at no cost, one NES game of your choice (valued at 500 Wii Points) from the Virtual Console catalog. Details of this download offer will be provided via the Wii Message Board and on soon.

1. Connect your Wii console to the internet.
2. Visit the Wii Shop Channel from your Wii Menu.
3. Go to the Channels section, and download the channel—for 0 Wii Points!

Beware Of Download Wii Games Scam

It’s clear that Nintendo would continue to make hay while the sun shines. Take a look at how they have held the price of their consoles. Take an even closer look at how Wii disks have stayed overpriced and don’t seem like budging anytime soon. While it’s quite contentious, third-party Wii Games Download services are a good check to Nintendo holding their Wii disk price ransom against their own fans.

Granted, there are endless stories of how people got burnt by independent Wii Games Download services. Scams, cons and cheats are some of the terms commonly used in describing these bad hats of Wii download service providers. But then, if you can have phony doctors or attorneys, you will have unscrupulous download service providers. The victims in part are to blame themselves. Yes, you have to be street smart even on the net. Welcome to the cyber-world.
Actually, scams and pretenders for games download service are possible only if you let them. You can sucker-proof yourself with just a couple of simple precautionary measures. These are tested and trusted wisdom: first, subscribe only to providers with full money-back guarantee which are marketed and dealt through a secure retailer like Clickbank. Second, the provider must demonstrate laser-focused commitment to ease of use and 24/7 support.

Verify with as many people who have had actual first-hand experience with refunds through Clickbank as you can and you will see that there’re simply no two ways about it – no scam possible. You won’t even need a chargeback as the refund will be practically automatic upon your desire. The industry being so competitive, any download service provider worth its salt would know better than to incur the wrath of a retailing establishment like Clickbank.

Besides the protection of your money, your vested time and effort must also not be forsaken. In this age of technology, ease of use and technical support are paramount. Research those review and specialist sites for service providers with the track record. You can take their views with a pinch of salt if you may, some times you should but it will always be in their interest to point you in the right direction.

All too often and way too much, people are too quick to generalize with sweeping statements rather than examine their own complacency. Those in the know or experience would detect that most of the bad press on forums and blogs are twisted hearsay and misplaced opinion. With an open mind and the right approach, the worthy and credible Wii Games Download service will be there to be found.

Troubleshooting Nintendo Wii Consoles In Your Own House

When one of your favorite consoles breaks down, it can be very frustrating. I mean, it’s not like there are as many Nintendo Wii repair centers as there are car garages.

Unless you’re willing to wait six weeks, and that’s assuming you’re guarantee is still valid, you’ll have to fix it yourself.
I know what you’re thinking, don’t worry; it’s not as difficult as it seems. In fact, it’s rather easy when you learn how to do it.

The first thing you need to know about troubleshooting Nintendo Wii consoles by yourself if to identify the problem. It might sound obvious but a lot of people just start messing around with their consoles, turning it around in different positions, loading and unloading discs, pressing the buttons in several combinations and order, in the hopes of being lucky and fixing their Wii console by chance.

Instead, troubleshooting Nintendo Wii consoles is about detecting what the problem is, in order to fix it.

For example, let’s say the screen freezes in midgame. The first thing you need to find out is whether the problem resides with the Wii console or with the game disc. If the problem is with the disc, then you don’t want to continue using it with your console or other console, to keep it from damaging your system. It’s normally a matter of getting it exchanged.

However, if the problem is with your console, you don’t want to load game discs on it until you get it fixed, otherwise it might scratch or damage a whole bunch of perfectly good games.

Likewise, when your Wii remote isn’t responding, finding the trouble or identifying the source of the problem helps solve the problem much more efficiently. Are your movements not registering? Does the remote fail to sync or keep synced? Are the buttons stuck, even though you haven’t spilled any liquids on them?

So, as you see troubleshooting Nintendo Wii consoles doesn’t require knowing how motherboards work or how digital information translates into character fighting. Rather, Troubleshooting Nintendo Wii consoles is about identifying a problem and then applying a simple, tried solution.

Unleash The Power Of Your Wii And Unlock Those Codes

Are you aware that you can actually do more with your gaming console without messing up with its hardware? That’s indeed new to you right? Because you probably are acquainted with all those technical modification needed for your Wii to work and that is dealing with mod chips as well. Your Nintendo Wii console is a powerful device you’ll just have to partner it with something that would release its other features.

Do you now how to actually get access through Wii unlock codes which weren’t able to enable before? Then read this carefully because this would actually help you. First, there is this latest software that you can rely on regarding compatibility with your Wii. This software includes features that which weren’t accessible before such as playing imported games that has regional codes. Hombrew released a software that is not just capable of getting access through Wii unlock codes but as well as playing DVD movies and MP3 songs.
Isn’t it just a great deal when it comes to allowing you to enable the Wii unlock codes with a one click software application that would download it all for you? One simple click and it is all there. The bundle even includes a guide that would walk you through with the whole homebrew set up. Apart from the download time which will only take you a few minutes to install it also is patched together with a homebrew browser that would grant access to various homebrew applications.

Through getting access with these homebrew applications, your Wii in now ready to explore important features that has been added to your Wii for your enjoyment. Before Wii users are actually cautious on warranty issues regarding hardware upgrades for the Wii, this time around all one has to do is to get access to HombreWare and no more uneasiness.

If you’d really like to get the best out of your Wii then this software is worth a try, you’ve got nothing to lose then because its features can not be compared with any other game console you would ever imagine. The main download requirement is an SD card where you can upload the necessary files to and a simple instruction guide and your job is done.

Nintendo Wii Fit Starter Bundle Review: Does Wii Fit Work For Me?

You've heard so much about Wii Fit, and many of you might have the question on your mind "Does Wii Fit Work?" I bought my Nintendo Wii Fit Starter Bundle online three months ago. During the past three months, I've been playing the Wii Fit Starter Bundle on regular basis. So I'd be glad to share my Wii Fit workout experience with you.

What's in the Nintendo Wii Fit Starter Bundle?
I placed an order online and received my Wii Fit Starter Bundle in the mail three days later. I couldn’t contain my excitement while opening the package. The package included my long-awaited Wii Fit game and Balance Board. I already got my Wii game console earlier this year along with all the necessary accessories such as the Wii remotes and nunchuck, so I was ready to start playing Wii Fit right away.
Exercises included in the Wii Fit Starter Bundle
There are over 40 different types of training activities offered by Wii Fit, including traditional exercises such as step aerobics, jogging, as well as modern stress busters such as Yoga and meditation. You can also choose other fund exercises such as Hula Hoops, Snowboarding and rhythm boxing. The exercises offered by Wii Fit are so diverse that every member of your family will find their favorite ones no matter how old or physically active they are.

The pressure-sensitive balance board that comes with the Wii Fit Starter Bundle can hold up to a maximum of 300 pounds. Since quite a few of the Wii Fit games are based on player's balance of her body, this is where the balance board comes in. Similar to a step aerobics board in appearance, the Wii Fit Balance Board can also measure player's performance as well as weight, which alongside the height, age and gender determine the player's Body Mass Index (BMI).

My Workout experience with Wii Fit Starter Bundle
I set up my Wii Fit system as soon as I got the bundle. Firstly, I entered basic personal data such as height, age and gender as instructed by Wii console. The machine calculated my BMI and my fitness level shortly. After my profile creation was complete, I was ready to start getting a taste of Wii Fit.

I am always a fan of Strength Training. So I started with muscle-toning exercises such as Leg lift, Squat, Lunge and more. Wii Fit offered Push-up challenge and it was quite fun. I also played Yoga with the Wii balance board. I have been practicing Yoga for quite a while, so I had no problem in catching up with Yoga poses included in the Wii Fit, such as Cobra, Bridge, Spinal Twist, Shoulder Stand, Warrior and more. It was actually quite interesting to play Yoga with Wii Fit.

My favorite exercise so far is Hula Hoop. It was quite challenging to keep the hoops in the air in the beginning. After a couple of days' training, I learned how to balance myself. After that, keeping all the hoops in the air while catching some more was really enjoyable. And it was a great workout too.

Does Wii Fit Work for me?
I have been playing with Wii Fit for 40 minutes a day, 3 days per week, during the past three months. Here is the result I'd like to share with you: I lost 4 pounds so far and dropped from size 8 to size 6. I eat like usual during these three months. So I think Wii Fit does work for me, and I will keep exercising and shaping up with Wii Fit.

Will Wii Fit work for you?
Many of you might be on the fence asking "Will Wii Fit work for me?" My answer is "Yes, it will. As long as you do it right and do it regularly." Don't get me wrong, Wii Fit is not going to make you lose weight if you eat excessively and doing 10 minutes a day on Wii Fit. You have to watch your lifestyle and diet too. If you exercise with Wii Fit regularly with a healthy diet, you will be happy to see the result 3 months later just as I did.

Wii Fit is like a home gym membership to some extent. However it is much more fun, and provides more motivations to get people started, especially for those who don't have time hitting the gym every other day, or just simply don't like go to the gym. Wii Fit turns the exercises into a fun experience. And there are so many activities included in the Wii Fit game that you wouldn’t feel bored at all.

To sum up, Wii Fit works for me, and it will work for you as long as you manage your expectation and keep a long-time commitment.

Need Some Wii Remote Troubleshooting Assistance?

Well, as you know, there are three main competitors on the video game industry: Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s Playstation 3, and Nintendo’s Wii.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has nice action games and it came a year earlier than the rest of its competitors. Sony’s Playstation 3 is a powerhouse at the cost of a hefty price tag. There’s still controversy about which of both systems has better graphics, both for videogames and for playing DVDs.
The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, doesn’t equal the processing power or the graphics display of any of the other two main consoles. However, it’s the most popular console by far.

How can it be? Well, it’s cheaper for one. It’s also the only console that has the Mario and Zelda series.

But most of all, it’s the movement. That’s what the Nintendo Wii brought to the table and it paid off. When you want your character to swing a sword, it’s much more satisfying to swing your own Wii remote than to press a button. It’s the same for bowling, batting or any or the many activities that the Wii remote imitates.

But what happens when your Wii remote doesn’t function properly? Let’s say that your swings take too long to register. Your character will react and move later than you did, so it will miss the target. And in a hectic game, you can’t just move a second or two in anticipation, so that your character will move in time, not to mention that it would make all the natural feeling about it disappear.

However, you don’t need to spend your money in another Wii remote and throw the old one to the garbage. All you need is some basic Wii remote troubleshooting assistance. It will help you solve movement registering problems, as well as stuck buttons, jumping cursors, sticky buttons, etc. A Wii remote troubleshooting guide will also teach you how to give proper maintenance to your Wii remotes so that problems won’t arise.

Ultimate Products-the Wii Guide-inside

Many years ago, when video gaming was started, (somewhere in the late 1940's with an idea using vacuum tubes), computer graphics could not be electronically drawn on the screen but had to use an overlay that was placed on the screen. As the progress went on, memory became a problem very quickly. Today, with just a click of a mouse and a little computer savvy, there is a plethora of products that bring the gaming industry to life. When looking for ultimate products-the Wii guide was created so that individuals of today can have entertainment in their own homes without the cost of going to the arcade and learn about how to become proficient at using the Nintendo Wii.

This guide, as far as I am concerned, it is the ultimate in resource information from learning how to set up your wireless network, connecting to the internet, troubleshooting errors, to finding players and competing online.
You never have to worry about a thing after reading and understanding the Wii Guide. Let me give you some insider tips.

If you are a beginner, great! You will know how to save time in troubleshooting and solve any problem. The more advanced players can learn the ultimate source- the Wii guide as well. The guide teaches you how to master the console like a pro, become proficient at the video games, keep the fat down with the activity of the games and stay in shape (this is a great bonus for those of us who need the exercise but don't want to have a gym membership).

The secrets and tips you receive from this will make you the best of the best in competition, hidden tricks that exploit the ability to master your console with anything you could possibly need. Set up your friends with codes in order to game online, and how to stream music/video to your Wii console with step by step instructions for importing music and video and how to set up solutions that work the best.

This can give you everything, I can't say enough about it. The secrets that are learned are well worth the cost of the guide. I'm hooked! Most of the information that comes with your Wii is basic, and does not go into too much detail on how to optimize your system in easy to understand terms like this one does. Of course you still have to have the basic knowledge that the Nintendo manual provides.

Did I mention the cheats? Guess what? You will blow away the competition when you look for ultimate products-the Wii guide inside has it all. I've been inside and I've been looking through the window from the front porch, and to let everyone of you Wii prodigies out there, you won't leave home without it, unless you have one of those great memories that you take with you, like your Wii.

Get A Great Wii Gun

Out of all of the Wii accessories, Wii Guns are my favorite. Getting a Wii Gun will add authenticity when playing the fun shooting games available for the Nintendo Wii. Here are just a few of the various types of guns there are for the Nintendo Wii.

Topping the Wii Guns list is the Wii PerfectShot Gun. This pistol-like grip remote-holding gun easily and securely holds the Wii Remote. You can also use the accuracy sight in order to shoot better for the different Wii games.

The handle of the gun features a pass-through port. You'll be able to connected peripherals such as the Nunchuk or the classic controller. You'll be able to control those peripherals because the Wii Gun features a one-handed design for maximum ability.
The Wii Shot Gun is another Wii Gun. This shot gun features an authentic shape and size. The stock and barrel tube can also be easily removed. The included infrared laser helps to give you pin-point accuracy.

The Wii Crossbow, not a Wii Gun as you can guess, is still a great Wii "Gun." This crossbow features a realistic color and design, as well as an authentic feel. You'll be able to play for hours because of the light weight of the Wii Crossbow.

The Wii Remote and the Wii Nunchuk can easily be held in the Crossbow. It's fun to play Resident Evil 4 and Ghost Squad with. I also enjoy playing Link's Crossbow Training with it, (obviously.)

The last Wii Gun is the Wii Magnum. This Wii Gun gives you a realistic feel of a magnum, because it is built from a magnum mold. It has an authentic textured grip, but it’s light enough to allow you to be able to hold it for long hours.

Looking to spice up those Wii Shooting Games? Then buy a gun to not only add realism, but also to add excitement to your Wii playing experience. There are many guns to choose from, including the Wii Pistol and Wii Magnum. Pick the one you like best, and start shooting!

Your Wii Has Been Hacked - Check This One Out!

You might as well be very interested in doing more than what you can expect from your Wii console. You might have just depended on it as an ordinary game console and try other possible gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Sony PS3. To tell you frankly that is not that necessary anymore because your Wii console has the ability to do more than what you expect from it, all it needs is a help of powerful software that is good enough to crack or hack a tough Wii console.

Let me introduce this software that I was able to come across in my quest in finding new features for my Wii. I was able to lurch into homebrew Wii hack software that allows homebrew applications to run on Nintendo Wii and this is one of the best things that the hacking community was able to accomplish all this time. Never thought that homebrew Wii hack software would be able to successfully get through Wii's system but it actually works, no doubt about it.
HombreWare is what the software is actually labeled with, this homebrew Wii hack software bundle has the capability to empower ones Nintendo Wii console to run homebrew applications, play DVD movies and as well as enable running imported and back up games, it's definitely something that Wii fanatics should look into.

Some would say that it might be something that other consoles are already capable of doing of, but if you own a Wii this should be something that you must take advantage of. Emulators that are included in the homebrew Wii hack software would as well be able to give you the chance to play classic games from way-back consoles like Sega Genesis, N64 and other games from various consoles.

The best feature which everybody would probably be looking forward to when getting this software, is being able to play back up and access region locked games that without the use of mod chips which would actually concern you regarding void warranty issues. So those old time issues with your hardware components are not going to be a problem with this homebrew Wii hack software anymore.

3 Ways To Customize Your Nintendo Wii Fit & Give It Character!

Wouldn't it be great to customize your Nintendo Wii Fit, the way you would your mobile phone? Install a unique theme, give it a brand new look and let it shine with character? The fact is if you're willing to spend some time brainstorming how you want your Nintendo Wii Fit to look; customizing it isn't as difficult or expensive as you thought. Here are 3 ways you can do that:

(1) Spruce Up Your Balance Board With A Designer Silicon Cover
Yes, one of the easiest ways to give your Nintendo Wii Fit a refreshing look is to clad your balance board with a designer silicon cover. In an instance, you can transform your plain looking balance board into a patriotic national flag, part of a leopard's body or simply a free styled manifestation of your artistic expression. Not only does the silicon cover add an air of sophistication to your Wii Fit, it also protects the balance board from your perspiration and dirt. The non slip nature of the silicon material also prevents accidents.

In case you're wondering, nope, such silicon covers aren't expensive at all. Due to the popularity of the Nintendo Wii Fit, the supply of silicon covers have readily increased and helped to slash retail prices. You can easily get a nice functional cover sometimes for as low as $1 on eBay!

(2) Top It Up With A Great Wii Skin or Case

If having a designer styled silicon cover is not enough for you take this a step further by dolling up your Wii console & remote control with customized skins. There are some pretty ingenious ideas on such and one of the most hilarious I've seen is the Kentucky Fried Chicken (“KFC”) theme. Apparently, someone was creative enough to design the remote control custom skin in the form of a fried chicken drumstick, with the KFC logo proudly displayed on the Wii console! Although it was just a Photoshopped picture, well, who knows if that would really turn out to be a best seller?

(3) Customize Your Mii Avatar

Miis are the little avatars that you create on the Wii to be used in various games and configurations. Mii, pronounced as “me” are in essence your graphical representation in the Wii world. They look like Manga versions of the characters in the comic "Peanuts" and can be modified using a series of system features to create a broad range of variation. To add some spice into your Wii Fit experience, you might want to try changing your Mii Avatar to something that represents your true personality! And if you're game for it, there are some premium services offered on the Internet to create custom made Mii avatars for the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee! Well, that's not too high a price to pay for a unique expression of your individuality, isn't it?

Solving Your Wii Sync Problems

Ok, let’s be honest, why do we buy a Nintendo Wii?

We didn’t buy it for shooters, because or playing DVDs, because then we would have bought an Xbox 360.
We didn’t buy it because we wanted a powerhouse in terms of processing power and graphics, because then we would have bough a Play station 3.

I might even say that we didn’t even buy it for the Mario and Zelda series. Sure, they are great games, but there are other platform and action RPGs in the other consoles as well.

No, the reason why we bought the Wii is motion. Swinging a bat, bowling, brandishing a sword, aiming your crosshair at an enemy, you name it. Mimicking the movement is much more natural and satisfying than pressing a button. That’s also the reason why games like Dance Dance Revolution have had so much success (try playing Dance Dance Revolution with a normal control, see how fun it is).

The Wii remote functions with two small flat pieces of silicon that rest against silicon springs, which keep them in place. When you move the Wii remote around, the centrifuge weight of these silicon pieces is measured, registered and translated to videogame input.

Wii remotes have to be synchronized with the console in order to transmit information to them. This process is known as sync, but I’m sure you knew that. The Wii remote that comes with your console is already synchronized; however, new Wii remotes will have to be synchronized in order to use them with your console.

Likewise, if you want to use your Wii remote with another Wii console, let’s say, your friend’s, you will need to sync them with that console as well.

However, sometimes, Wii sync problems arise. You might find that after following the instructions, your controls are not synchronized. Or only some of them are. Another source of Wii sync problems is the fact that there are two types of synchronization, so you might have used the wrong one for the situation.

Yet another Wii sync problem is that Wii remotes that have been synchronized don’t work anymore. That is, only the LED lights flash and then stop working.

How To Download Free Wii Games

Have you been tearing your hair out attempting to learn how to download free Wii games?

I am going to give you my quick and easy recipe for putting your favorite music, games, movies and TV shows on your Wii. There are merely a few steps and it is a piece of cake once you have got the know-how.

1. Things You Will Require:

* Wii console
* This Guide

2. You can easily and immediately download free Wii games! There is one thing you need to understand first; there is nothing like downloading free Wii games! Of course there are NO commercial free websites, because they are illegal and you maybe asking for BIG trouble utilizing these services, even worse you will end up running into torrent garbage. If you are unfamiliar with torrent sites, you can find a description here, Unfortunately many, if not, all torrents (free downloadable files) carry viruses, malware or adware. Additionally, it can take days to download only one file.

3. But there are other sites that offer free Wii downloads and are far more lawful. You simply have to pay a one time membership fee. Subsequently you may download as many Wii games, music or movies as you can handle for a full year (or even longer, in some cases). Membership to these sites is modest. You will have to pay around $40 a year for UNLIMITED access. Not too bad, considering that is less than the price of a single game... but I am going to show you how to download free Wii games for a LIFETIME for ONLY $40.

4. Once you have paid your membership fee you now have free access to Wii game Downloads, this also includes all the historic Nintendo Roms for your NES, SNES and even Nintendo 64 (N64). These historic classics will completely run on your Wii system. Envision the immense library of games you will have! A really good bargain and honestly... don't you suppose it is a good idea to stay legal? So where can you download unlimited Wii games? There is exclusively one download web site I trust. I am a member myself at this site and have been for a few years. The fee is a ONE time fee; you then have free will games for life! I genuinely like what they have to offer and their inventory is amazing. I have yet to find a game or movie that they don't have in their inventory.

5. Get Your ACCESS PASS before they are all gone. You will never have to miss a new, movie, TV show again! You will be able to download free Wii games for life! Every New GAME, MOVIE or any MUSIC you want! Click Here to get your ACCESS PASS! They offer an eight week refund policy if you are not completely satisfied! If you need help, their customer support is very competent, friendly and available 24 hours a day.

That's it. It is real simple to learn how to download free Wii games!

What Does Wii Stand For?

That's a good question! And one that is kind of difficult to answer, since the letters W-i-i don’t represent individual words like U-S-A standing for United States of America. So what does Wii stand for?

At first glance, it's uncertain just how pronounce it, but it's simple. It’s just like "we". So how did Nintendo decide on the name? Well the name Wii didn’t come about until April 27, 2006. That's when Nintendo changed the name of its Seventh Generation gaming platform from its original project name of Revolution.

According to Nintendo, the proper name is simply Wii and NOT Nintendo Wii. They are very clear on that. This is the very first product they have marketed outside of Japan that does not carry the Nintendo brand name. While you may hear people refer to more than one Wii as "Wii's", Nintendo makes it clear that the plural is actually Wii Systems or Consoles or Games. The word Wii is not used in a plural form but only the object it describes.

So what does Wii stand for? Nintendo's spelling of "Wii” with two lower-case "i" characters is meant to resemble two people standing side by side, representing players gathering together, as well as to represent the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The company has given many reasons for this choice of name since the announcement; however, the best known is Wii sounds like 'we', which emphasizes that the console is for everyone. Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No abbreviation. Just Wii.

What does Wii stand for today? Now more than ever, Wii stands for innovative applications to wireless technology. Think about all of the different applications available for this technology. With the introduction of Wii Cooking Mama: Cook Off, and Wii Fi, we start to see applications beyond all of the games for Wii.

The whole idea behind the Wii technology is to bring people together. With so many different applications available, the Wii Console is slowly becoming the home's media center.