Wii Blamed For Ridiculous Increase In Hospital Visits

Wii Injuries

Nintendo’s Wii game console continues to get lots of exposure, but not all of it is due to the cool new features. The above picture is a small showcase of those on the injured list from Wii-itis, reportedly due to game play injuries using the Wii remote control. Some of these injuries could possibly be resolved with the stronger replacement wrist strap, but not all of them.

Nintendo's Wii has been maiming careless gamers since the day it was launched, but an inexplicable uptick has professionals scratching their heads. According to Dr. Dev Mukerjee of Broomfield Hospital: "There has been a 100 percent increase in patients complaining of Wii-itis." Turns out, Wii-itis is their word for playing so much Wii that you injure yourself.

Astonishingly, up to ten people per week are being "hospitalized with injuries caused by playing Nintendo Wii games," which has forced medical personnel to "issue warnings of the dangers associated with the video game system." Some of the most common injuries are Wii-knee (seriously) and tendon stretching / tearing, both of which could likely be avoided if gamers would bother to stretch before breaking a sweat. Sheesh -- what do folks even learn in Physical Education these days?