Solving Your Wii Sync Problems

Ok, let’s be honest, why do we buy a Nintendo Wii?

We didn’t buy it for shooters, because or playing DVDs, because then we would have bought an Xbox 360.
We didn’t buy it because we wanted a powerhouse in terms of processing power and graphics, because then we would have bough a Play station 3.

I might even say that we didn’t even buy it for the Mario and Zelda series. Sure, they are great games, but there are other platform and action RPGs in the other consoles as well.

No, the reason why we bought the Wii is motion. Swinging a bat, bowling, brandishing a sword, aiming your crosshair at an enemy, you name it. Mimicking the movement is much more natural and satisfying than pressing a button. That’s also the reason why games like Dance Dance Revolution have had so much success (try playing Dance Dance Revolution with a normal control, see how fun it is).

The Wii remote functions with two small flat pieces of silicon that rest against silicon springs, which keep them in place. When you move the Wii remote around, the centrifuge weight of these silicon pieces is measured, registered and translated to videogame input.

Wii remotes have to be synchronized with the console in order to transmit information to them. This process is known as sync, but I’m sure you knew that. The Wii remote that comes with your console is already synchronized; however, new Wii remotes will have to be synchronized in order to use them with your console.

Likewise, if you want to use your Wii remote with another Wii console, let’s say, your friend’s, you will need to sync them with that console as well.

However, sometimes, Wii sync problems arise. You might find that after following the instructions, your controls are not synchronized. Or only some of them are. Another source of Wii sync problems is the fact that there are two types of synchronization, so you might have used the wrong one for the situation.

Yet another Wii sync problem is that Wii remotes that have been synchronized don’t work anymore. That is, only the LED lights flash and then stop working.