Get A Great Wii Gun

Out of all of the Wii accessories, Wii Guns are my favorite. Getting a Wii Gun will add authenticity when playing the fun shooting games available for the Nintendo Wii. Here are just a few of the various types of guns there are for the Nintendo Wii.

Topping the Wii Guns list is the Wii PerfectShot Gun. This pistol-like grip remote-holding gun easily and securely holds the Wii Remote. You can also use the accuracy sight in order to shoot better for the different Wii games.

The handle of the gun features a pass-through port. You'll be able to connected peripherals such as the Nunchuk or the classic controller. You'll be able to control those peripherals because the Wii Gun features a one-handed design for maximum ability.
The Wii Shot Gun is another Wii Gun. This shot gun features an authentic shape and size. The stock and barrel tube can also be easily removed. The included infrared laser helps to give you pin-point accuracy.

The Wii Crossbow, not a Wii Gun as you can guess, is still a great Wii "Gun." This crossbow features a realistic color and design, as well as an authentic feel. You'll be able to play for hours because of the light weight of the Wii Crossbow.

The Wii Remote and the Wii Nunchuk can easily be held in the Crossbow. It's fun to play Resident Evil 4 and Ghost Squad with. I also enjoy playing Link's Crossbow Training with it, (obviously.)

The last Wii Gun is the Wii Magnum. This Wii Gun gives you a realistic feel of a magnum, because it is built from a magnum mold. It has an authentic textured grip, but it’s light enough to allow you to be able to hold it for long hours.

Looking to spice up those Wii Shooting Games? Then buy a gun to not only add realism, but also to add excitement to your Wii playing experience. There are many guns to choose from, including the Wii Pistol and Wii Magnum. Pick the one you like best, and start shooting!